Identification and Classification Procedures

Upon enrollment of a new student in Ferris ISD, an attempt is made to acquire an original Home Language Survey (HLS) through the Texas Records Exchange (TREx) online portal. If we cannot obtain the student’s original HLS, a new survey is administered to a parent or guardian. The HLS shall contain the following questions:

  1. What language is spoken in the child’s home most of the time? 
  2. What language does the child speak most of the time? 

If the response on the HLS indicates that a language other than English is used, the student shall be tested.



  • Pre-LAS, LAS Links
    • shall be administered by staff who are proficient in the language of the test and trained in the testing requirements
    • administer OLPT in English & primary language if district is required to offer bilingual program (PK3-2nd grade)


  • The Iowa Assessments (Previously the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills - ITBS)
  • TEA Approved Norm-Referenced Standardized Achievement Test (Reading/Language), 40th percentile or above for students at non-STAAR grade levels (1st, 2nd, 11th & 12th)  
    *assessment will be forthcoming, 2019-20 school year