State and Federal Programs

The Federal and State Compliance Department provides guidance, training, and support to district-office and school-based personnel in the implementation of activities under the federal:

  • Title I, Part A Program (Improving Basic Programs for Economically Disadvantaged Students)
  • Title II, Part A Program (Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting)
  • Title III, Part A Program (LEP and Immigrant)
  • Title IV, Part A Program (Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant)  

The department ensures that support is provided to all of our schools and students and that Ferris ISD remains in compliance with fiscal and programmatic requirements and regulations of all Federal and State programs.

For more information on Federal and State Programs, please visit the Texas Education Agency (TEA) Website at

For questions, please contact:

Dr. Melinda Domain
Assistant Superintendent of Ferris Schools
State and Federal Programs
972-544-3858 ext. 1803